Galen Crew is an American recording artist, producer, and songwriter from Nashville, Tennessee. His music is known for its dream-like quality which often features fairy tale themes and seems to emanate from a different world.

How does an indie artist go from recording songs in their bedroom to becoming famous in China? Galen doesn’t necessarily know, but it happened to him. His song “Sleepyhead” went viral on Chinese social media and music platforms, without Galen’s knowledge. He found out about this in 2015 when he was hearing from Chinese fans nearly every day. It had exploded organically on Chinese music platforms, including millions of plays on several different Chinese music apps. Galen decided he needed to go to China and experience this firsthand. He first toured China in May 2016, and then again in October/November 2016. He signed to American label Hover Records in September 2016. His latest single “Fragrance”, was written in China and inspired by his adventures there. The music video features tour footage from all over China.

In addition to his career as an artist and songwriter, Galen is also an accomplished producer. Notable projects include an acoustic version of the Newsboys CCM hit “Entertaining Angels” recorded by Phil Joel, and “Til Kingdom Come” for Joanne and Tommy Cash, a song written by Coldplay for Johnny Cash.. as well as side projects by Joe Brown, famous British artist who the Beatles used to open for before they became famous in England. Galen also regularly produces a lot of indie artists in Nashville.

Galen is currently working on new album, due to release in 2017.

Galen’s solo projects to date include:



LIKE FIRE (2013)





Galen uses:

Kala Ukuleles

Breedlove Guitars

Taylor Guitars

Kyser Capos

Audix Microphones


Galen has also produced a wide range of artists, from indie pop to country to folk. Here’s what some artists had to say about working with Galen:

“I’m always blown away by the depth of talent and ability that Galen brings to the table when we work together. He always pushes me to get things right and doesn’t settle for mediocre. The way he hears and produces music is really fresh and he knows how to walk the line of creative and artistic while maintaining a strong commercial sensibility. His energy is contagious and he’s always quick to encourage which makes the studio environment inspiring and helps to bring out the best from the song which is exactly what I want from a producer and that’s what I get from Galen.” – Phil Joel (Zealand Worship, Newsboys)

“Galen Crew has been the biggest blessing to my music career thus far. He always turns my visions into exactly what I want and often, something better. His skills and ideas as a producer are amazing to watch in action and I couldn’t ask for a more comfortable and fun environment to make music in.” – Samantha Taggart

“There is nothing like meeting someone who can take your ideas, lyrics, etc., and bring them to life in a way that far exceeds your expectations. Galen has done that for me on more than one occasion. When I began planning my first EP, he patiently listened to my vision, worked within my budget and truly put as much heart and soul into the project as I did. For an artist and songwriter, there is nothing more appreciated than someone who truly listens and believes in you. Galen is that guy, and I am so thankful to have had him as my producer.” – Lydia Laird

“I had the honor of getting to be one of Galen’s first production clients. I listen back to what we were able to make together and am still just as enthralled with the finished product as I was the day we finished. Galen works tirelessly to get the exact sound that one is looking for and will not stop until both the producer and the client find it perfect. He has a natural ear for finding the missing sounds, the empty spaces, and more and he keeps the recording process moving at an exciting pace. I plan to keep working with Galen for a long time.” – Josh Castle

“Galen is an absolute joy to work with! I had the honor of having him produce and write on my very first EP. He has a patient and kind spirit that compliments his creativity in the studio. Galen works fast and it’s apparent that he loves what he does. I HIGHLY recommend him!” – Lauren Corzine

“Galen crew is gud at recording. We recorded sum songs and I like them. He puts drum beat on my songs. Also bass but only when it needs that. Thank you.” – Chris Keenan

“Working with Galen as our producer was an incredible experience. His musical expertise and proficiency recording and mixing instilled confidence in us right away. He made the production of our debut EP a fun and exciting process, and the resulting tracks far exceeded our expectations. Galen has what it takes to turn good songs into great songs, and we look forward to working with him again!”  – Joel and Becca, These Thousand Hills